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Sweat, smile, learn and have fun!

Our “Young Tigers” program creates an optimal learning environment for young students by engaging them in fun classes that capture their attention and harness their energy! We believe in praise, support, and positive reinforcement, which will encourage our youngest students to reap the many benefits of our classes: 


Respect is a fundamental component to our practice. All of our students are treated with respect and are taught how to show it to others in a way that extends to their school and home life. Just as importantly, as they grow in confidence with Taekwondo, their respect for themselves increases!



Positive life skills that will last a lifetime!

We encourage accomplishments by empowering our students to be courageous and try new things, then to build the determination to see them through! 

Anti-bullying techniques that promote non-violent conflict resolution are a tenant of our practice. We teach practical self-defense while honoring peace and understanding. 


Learning how to set high goals and accomplish them is one of the outcomes of our program; higher belts are not something given, rather something earned through work and determination. A black belt is made up of many smaller goals along the way, and we aim to grow the abilities of our students by modeling how to challenge oneself and achieve anything in life!



 In order to win, you need to begin..

Each of our students envisions a path for themselves from the first time they put on a uniform. Ranging from self-defense, stress relief, improved fitness to mental endurance, the reasons to begin training are so vast, and our individualized program is appropriate for all skill levels. We know that while our students work towards the common goal of black-belt, each will reach it on their own path. In learning to visualize our personal goals through physical practice, we teach Taekwondo as the ultimate tool for personal betterment and transformation! 


Our practical self-defense program is designed to empower our students at every stage. We teach how to recognize a threatening situation and to respond intelligently and effectively to danger. Our proven methods build on both skills and self-assurance - You’ve got this; we can help. 

Learning to manage stress is self-defense of the mind. Stress robs you of who you are, and how you want to live. By focusing on specific tasks in our upbeat and positive environment, we silence the outside noise and learn to “unplug” from within. Our program aims not only to relieve stress temporarily through exercise, but to develop inner tranquility and positive mental space all the time. 



Parents, you can sit back and relax!

We want you to fully enjoy the party alongside your child.

At KING TAEKWONDO, we take great care of the children and party guests, ensuring their safety and happiness throughout the celebration.


Leave all the planning to us and savor every moment of your child's special day.


Let KING TAEKWONDO handle all the details while you create beautiful memories with your child and their friends.


Our martial arts birthday parties are the perfect blend of fun, activity, and education. Held in our spacious and safe facilities, we ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.




  • Expert Hosting (Parents can fully enjoy the celebration while we take care of all the details )

  • 2 hours long in our studio

  • Up tp 5 - 25 kids

  • Decorated studio space

  • Wooden board breaking for every guests



Kids love Summer vacation. It’s not uncommon to start to hear “ I’m bored! ”


After all, as a parent you aren’t going to let your child stay on their phone or in front of a computer all day.

But kids want and need to be engaged, entertained, and to have other kids to interact with.

This is why our KING TAEKWONDO seasonal camp provides the perfect mix of physical activity, mental challenge, and socializing to make every summer day seem to fly by.